Zumm Zumm Zine (your mama started a website, then she got killed by a wolverine)

by zummzumm

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None of these songs were recorded in a studio or near a 4/8/16 etc.-track. Audio extracted from video...
...1, 3, 5, 10 april 30 '02 @369 finley st
2, 7, 8, 9, 13 april 2 '02 @ 824 hill st apt 2
4,11,12 january 12 '02 @the caledonia lounge
3, 6 May 8 '02 @ 824 hill st apt 2


released June 15, 2002

dear Santa,
i've been a very crusty kid. crank me out some creepy crumpy crazy-ass crusp records, bitch.
Your secretary



all rights reserved


zummzumm Αθήνα, Greece

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Track Name: told u so
kiss my ass or my hands for feelings again i think you'll come back for more no alternating current gonna be a deterrent we'll need drugs to continue the war i saw you drinking bottled water well i really wouldn't bother there's a puddle under your foot oh no! another slur! and and it's just a group of words and there's a monster at the end of this book
pass them beans you decided not to eat i been hungry since the day i worked if it wasn't for that fence i been jumpin i worked i'd still have my shirt said the jolly green giant in his environment ho!ho!ho! where's the beef? ain't no cows in the jungle but i'll bet you a bundle of monkeys under yer feet nothing like compulsive cyberbation to cauterize a nation machines are waiting for your call everybody's looking for the cure when less is more and nothing is the best of all! i could sit on your bed and instead of me i could be two,too i could be someone else you'd have to remind himself of you and your face when you're playing that bass, singing bout these problems in these untied states
we played it high and we played it pretty then we changed our minds and we played it shitty yeah!
Track Name: lovebombs(karaokeMix)
every time you come around we pretend yer not around...some say we're cheddar bound underground and all around
so come on out to me, come on out to me you look 33 but you're only seventeen so come on out to me
evry time you try to hide you must know where it's all been tried come and play with me inside we'll drink forties and listen to 45's
so come on out to me, come on out to me we could care less about anything you see so come on out to me come on out to me
Track Name: thisone'scalled"feature"
stop stop and whistle there's a kid on the block whose tricycle is twice the size of mine and i know i'm gonna get it a big fat bloody nose. a punch right in the face