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g-schwa-t is zumm zumm zine #2. It is for Matthew Brian Andrews


released May 25, 2006

Madeline Adams sang "i left the light on" on March 18, 2003, in Lafayette La., the night the war broke out. Audio extracted from VHS tape. The original version is on her excellent album Kissing and Dancing...

Buddy Holly wrote "oh, boy!" then zumm zumm massacred it.

Asa Leffer and Eric Friar recorded tracks 1, 4, 7 and 12.

Zumm Zumm recorded the rest.

bye for now.
zumm zumm
may 25,2006



all rights reserved


zummzumm Αθήνα, Greece

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Track Name: fortune cookie factory
if you listen to the words they won't reach you the same way they left my mouth, they'll be broken and damaged, you'll be lucky if you manage to separate words from sound
they are just like my friends they might as well be kin, see the way they dance around then fall to the floor drunk and unheard beyond the choir in our corner of this fucked-up town
fortune cookie fortunes litter the floor and all the ground
we ate every cookie now we know everything we know where and when and how
what you'll say, not what you said now you're born, now you're dead-it's all been told to me, i was down when i thought our world looked like a fortune cookie factory
4- we're not really sore. we'll just sing some more!
3-kamikaze seed on my upholstery!
2-we know what's good for you-butter beans and 2 live crew!
1-stars of everyone's rerun...we're gonna break for lunch!
Track Name: betterpeople
it's hard not to linger or greet by middle finger or just be confused by the right thing to do.
if i could of designed my own body i would of given myself two cocks and three cunts so i could fuck myself twice as hard and still leave one wanting
ican live and i can die and i can dream that i can fly.
no agenda
Track Name: mission:destructionplan!
sooner or later,
it will be later.
you know what?
we all oughta
mission: destruction plan!
lose your head, lose your hat.
fancy this, fancy that...
and that blow it up, knock it down, lincoln logs all around...
now what should we destroy? all the ladies?
destroy all the mean old boys
Track Name: sparks
try and take nothing for granted like breakfast and breathing and short term memory sometimes it gets so cold you almost can't stand it to remember is to be reminded so insensitively that it's hard not being told who to be but the trade-off is incredible just to feel like you're free
the best trapeze artists perform with no nets no one ever won a jackpot on a gentleman's bet you woke up from your best dream just to find your bed wet but what life will ever come without a hint of regret?
so you can drive to indiana, visit your metal friends in savannah or fly to england on a plane and though all the maps say that you are far away there are memories, warm feelings which will always remain like college-radio late nights and heart-to-heart curbsides the sheer beauty of which there are no words to explain. the ghost in the attic sure does beat t.v. static we were up all night going quite close to insane and all the time learning from each other how to keep out the rain.
Track Name: the committee to rotate the statue of liberty
she wears a crown on her head so her headache will not show. men are taking canons to bed in case she sheds her copper rope.they've been raping her namesake for years behind her back, and they'll rape her, too- before they say that she attacked.
is there virtue in a statue barely standing on ideas that are dead? Ia liberte' est arivee, et ici elle reste,dans la tete...
she was fired long ago when her bosses turned to murder. on and off has she been contracted as a temp worker.
"we will import you" they said,"when it's convenient. and we will deport you when it's convenient!"
now she's working for us, and that's because we're working for her. she said she could turn this place around if we would turn her first...
we're the committee to rotate the statue of liberty! let's turn the old lady 180! today's police, some were yesterdays casualties. they heard the language of handcuffs,now that's what they speak. we're the committee to rotate the statue of liberty! let's turn her and maybe then she will be facing this place full of people who are yearning to breathe... everybody knows she should face the unfree...
Track Name: the first and the last of the walking dead
the blind do follow at empty hearts hollow, and their heads are filled at the sea. the wise are still seeking, the wiser are questioning.blind faith could be and geez fwoi swee.
all that time we're whining about how things should change, all that time's been wasted complainin' about everything. bless the dramatic, it seems so damn tragic, tear down, rebuild or just destroy everything. the bourgeoisie at the auditorium, lined up one by one at the vomitoreum.

trading voices for cash to buy a music machine, the choir sold all the songs we used to sing. somebody unplugged it and we spent half our lives, working to fix a silent device. the speed of sound is faster now every where else. hear the sound shuffles around in its cell. an increasing distance between song and regret. time not footsteps has every night kept.
we are the first and the last of the walking dead. we don't borrow time. we steal it instead.
Track Name: mannequins in straitjackets
you are on display, we are. we are mannequins in straightjackets. i lay (bored) for pink slips. for loose fits. for loose if's. i labored for a rate, among pretty boys with expiration dates. ruin started in our heads, and this is what we said: "it's so hard when you're a work of art' getting dusty in the dark."
but it's beautiful, ruin is, beautiful and inevitable. i'm in a straightjacket, a mannequin, and i'm gonna get some. i'm getting ruined. get me some fucking ruin.
Track Name: everybody wants to be a faggot
everybody wants to be a faggot, but some boys don't want to try. i guess it's complicated when everything that we did happened when we were so drunk and so high. but your hand upon my special spot doesn't spark my interest so much as make me think a day's gone by...
Track Name: a dirty dancing monster christmas carol for fucking up saint nickel-ass and his scary little elves
we're fighting dirty monsters. scary monsters. everybody hold hands. if we roll around in the grass we can taint history and kick lots of ass.
don't fuck with the lords of death!
the grinch ain't got nothin' on us. we're gonna fuckin' destroy christmas. the lords of death got lots of love when we're fucking up saint nickel-ass. we're dirty monsters. dirty dancin' monsters. the real toys are possessed boys- these groovy ghouls are fightin'!
this biznass needs some rightin'! some stank taints need some bightin"! dirty deeds, done dirt free! reindeer are as deadly as s.u.v.s and elves as scary as robots. but monster love is always free and our nothings are awesomer than your lots!
monsters on a mission refuse to have an addiction to the stuck-up cocky vision that is your capitalism! we might just be so bold as to burn down your nuclear household. after all the lies we've been told, it's our turn to scold! we'll take out all the rulers, and our so called schoolers, they've always just been foolers, but we're a fuck ton cooler! monsters took over the north pole and we have no use for coal. gotta give th kids what they want and like. let's get some trash and build some bikes!
price guns are as deadly as real guns.
Track Name: in the medical center parking lot
we'll ride bikes in circles in the medical center parking lot this twinkle in my eye at nighttime means that i love you a lot for now and i don't see how something like that could ever fade away
its been a trying summer nobody could argue otherwise but now autumn leaves, they start to fall and i turn my face up to the skies for a sign, can't say i find much but mars is beautiful tonight
i wipe out on my bicycle as we turn down towards the tracks get back up, say i'm o.k.,now.there's no turning back to chicago, cincinatti, yesterday, maybe even new york
we ride down to the old wharehouses, i think they've lost some of ther charm 'cause of the money there but an ancient tree still stretches out its arms towards the sky and i wonder why rich people always tear down the most beautiful things, but airplanes aren't the only thing with wings, a bat swoops over there, we all hug in the middle of the night air a pact don't mean a thing but i don't care. what matters is for all of us just to be there.

and will we ever feel that way again, like our hearts are designed for the bodies they were built in. like we all showed up in this town for some reason. will we ever be able to call one another friend,without just wond'rin when it's gonna fall apart again? well, the past few months have really put us to thetest, now all ican say is i sure wish you the best, on that bus ride to laporte, or that airplane to new york, the best books of our lives have not been written yet...